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Hello and thank you for visiting my website. 

My name is Alan. Unfortunately, I am near kidney failure and I am hoping you may be able to help.


If you are thinking of giving a gift of life by donating a kidney, below I will share with you what I believe to be the best way to do it.

I will also tell you a little about myself, should you choose to donate on my behalf (will explain this) so that you can save me as well as another person. 


About Alan

I am 61 years old and live in Charlotte NC. 

My passion is to help people which I attempt to do as a Life Coach.


If you would like to learn more about me and what I do, please have a look at my Coaching Website.

I would love to speak to anyone who is considering going down the path of donation.


Let's do a video call on Google Meet or Facetime so we can get to know each other.  

Please complete the form below so we can make a plan to connect. 
I look forward to speaking with you.


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The Best Way To Donate

The need for kidney donors is significant!  Approximately 13 people die each day while waiting for a kidney transplant. 

As a potential donor, the important thing to know is that if you are healthy, living with one kidney is not a problem.

Today there is a great option for donating a kidney and you get to save 2 lives.  


Previously the only option was a direct donation from one person to another. This could lead to challenges with matching blood types, the quality of the match, and the logistics of getting 2 people together for an operation.

They now have what they call Advanced Kidney Donation.

When you register in the national database and donate, your kidney will be provided to the best match available as they match your blood to thousands in need. 

You get to save the other life (that would hopefully be me), simply by listing my name when you join the program. They will then match me with the best possible match in the country quickly.

If you would like to get on a call would love to fill you in on this and answer any questions you have.

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